New BBS Network

I am setting up a new BBS soon but this requires me setting up a server first. It is my hopes to eventually make this a nice little BBS network. If interested please send me a contact.

You will notice a new menu item to the top right of the page now just for BBS stuff. It doesn't matter if you are an old hand with BBS or new to the entire thing come check it out, you will love it.

I may even connect an IRC network to the BBS network later on...

BackupGuard - backup your website in the cloud


These are the services I offer on my site. I am not a big company or corporation, I am a single person with a rather large skill set so please keep that in mind when hiring me to do work for you. I do keep deadlines and contracts, and I am a very fair and honest person.

Freelance Pentesting Services

I offer freelance penetration testing and security analysis services for small to medium sized business. This includes remote network testing, in-house network testing, staff security practices, network security auditing, WiFi security testing, social engineering, and more. See more here.