These are the services I offer on my site. I am not a big company or corporation, I am a single person with a rather large skill set so please keep that in mind when hiring me to do work for you. I do keep deadlines and contracts, and I am a very fair and honest person. Some hacking tutorials are being added all the time so check back often.

I also have some delicious eJuice recipes I have created and posted here for your vaping pleasure. Enjoy!

Also, note that I have a section of some sample voice pieces as a sort of portfolio for anyone looking for a voice talent for commercials, voice menus, story telling, etc.

Voice Talent

I am a new voice talent having decided to do this after years of people’s comments like, “Wow, you should be in radio” or “Goodness, you sound like a TV announcer”. I even had trouble when I worked phone technical support because after my greeting people would sit there in silence until I spoke again thinking my deep, rich sounding voice just must be a recording right? (chuckles)

If you are interested in hiring me as a voice talent for a project, ad, commercial, or special event you may hear some samples of my voice in various types here.

Freelance Pentesting Services

I offer freelance penetration testing and security analysis services for small to medium sized business. This includes remote network testing, in-house network testing, staff security practices, network security auditing, WiFi security testing, social engineering, and more. See more here.


So UNIX styled systems and pentesting have always been a big interest and hobby of mine. I even earn a little money here and there testing peoples personal and business network security and security overall. I have used UNIX, LINUX, Solaris, IRIX, and FreeBSD just to name a few. I started out with FreeBSD years ago and learned my hard knocks from there. Then I moved on to other NIX flavors and feel in love with LINUX. (Thank you Linus Torvalds!)

I have setup a section here I am filling with tutorials, tips, suggestions, tricks, and resources you can download. I remember looking through numerous websites for more information when I started learning and the horrible quality of the information available. It is my goal to provide easy to follow and understand, step by step tutorials and guides to help beginner to advanced learn more of what they love. No super fuzzy videos, and no hard to understand narration. Please enjoy these resources and feel free to comment and share. Join in the fun here.