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LINUX Tutorial 1 – How to install Parrot Security OS

n the first of many tutorials to come, I go over how to easily install Parrot Security OS to your computer system. This does not go over dual boot systems or anything like that, this is simply a How-To on installing Parrot Security OS LINUX onto a computer if you have never installed LINUX before. It is rather lengthy, about 30 minutes long, but I try to go through most of the process only speeding through the boring parts. This tutorial will guide you through the entire installation process from start to finish. Parrot Security is just one of many distros designed for pentesters/hackers/cyber security professionals. Whatever you call yourself, there is a distro out there just for you. I know the most common distro everyone throws around is Kali LINUX, but it is not the only distro designed for this purpose by far. Continue reading