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New Project – R.E.S.S.

So, I started a new project recently and I am pretty excited about it. This is not any new hacking tool or anything but I think a ton of people will find it very handy. This is a utility I am creating out of my own needs but I intend to offer this up as an open source bash script for the community. How many times have you grabbed that cool new application, then you go to install it and discover you have 500 directories with 3000 different files you need to set to executable? Well nobody wants to do each one individually. Doing them with a grab all per script type can take a long time too going through each directory. So there is a command line we can use to hit all the (insert file type here) files recursively in all the directories at once with a single command.

Rather than typing this all out each time, and because I am just lazy I figured why not write this into a bash script. Then I thought, well since I am going to automated this thing why not make it useful for working with *.js, *.json, *.pl, *.py, and *.sh files? So, I am going to design it so that the end-user can choose what file types to make executable, put it what directory to run it on, and do it all quickly and easily. This way you can get on with your installation and save a lot of time. I am calling this bash software R.E.S.S. which stands for Recursively Executable Shell Script. I hope others find it as useful as I know I will. I look forward to it’s release and will be sure to keep you updated.

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