Where did the Users & Groups GUI go?

For those of you that have used LINUX previously you may have noticed in the Control Panel, or wherever it may be in your distro, that there is no longer a GUI for Users & Groups. Well sure, you can still add users and such from terminal but even I like having the GUI option. For some odd reason, and I am still not clear why, it has been removed in recent versions of Parrot Security. The good news is, it is still lurking in the background. Now I run more than one computer with Parrot Security on it so for a bit I was puzzled that one system would have it and another would not. This made me realize it had to be something I was installing that put it back there so I did a little research. It appears to be only a part of the Gnome system now.

Want to put it back in your system? All you need to do is go to your package manager and search for “gnome-system-tools” and install that package. Once it is installed viola, you have Users and Groups GUI back again.

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