New BBS Network

I am setting up a new BBS soon but this requires me setting up a server first. It is my hopes to eventually make this a nice little BBS network. If interested please send me a contact.

You will notice a new menu item to the top right of the page now just for BBS stuff. It doesn't matter if you are an old hand with BBS or new to the entire thing come check it out, you will love it.

I may even connect an IRC network to the BBS network later on...

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Some Sound Advice for Future Hackers

So, we are about to get more into the guts of hacking and I thought I should offer a little advice before I post the next tutorial. Whether you wish to actually learn cyber security or you just have a great interest in this particular topic area it can be a very daunting task to learn your way around. If you have started out learning on your own without any guidance it can be especially frustrating along the way. You will find tons of good and bad information all over the web and this too can be a problem. I mean, how do you tell the good info from the bad right?

As far as being able to tell the good info from the bad you will basically have to learn as you go. Use common sense, never do anything you are unsure of unless you have contacted someone who does know. There are tons of good forums and IRC channels to get some really good advice and information. I will warn you though, many of these groups will appear to have an elitist attitude and not seem very friendly at first glance.

Most of the time this is just because they tire of people asking stupid questions. No such thing as a stupid question? Wrong! For example, if you know absolutely nothing about surgery would you expect an answer about how to remove a tumor? Of course not, you need to learn to be a surgeon first and THEN you will get the respect and answers you are seeking. Then there are those who don’t want to take the time to research and learn on their own at all, they just want someone else to do the thinking for them. There are also the script kiddies who really aren’t interested in learning, they just want to find the quickest possible way to do whatever they are trying to do, all the while having no idea what they are doing. So first do your research and actually try to find the answer before asking for it somewhere and that will go a long way.

Now, about the legal stuff which of course I have to mention here. Everything I am teaching you here is for educational purposes ONLY! Meaning, if you just have an interest or eventually wish to take some classes, school, certifications then great. As far as actually using the many hacks, exploits, tricks, and other information here for illegal purposes it is not advised at all. Information is free, and perfectly legal. It is what you specifically do with that information that can decide whether you end up in jail or land that great new job.

As with any type of cyber security training and practice be sure to ONLY try these tactics on either systems you own or systems you explicitly, in writing, have permission to use for that purpose. My best suggestion there is to maybe setup a couple of good VMs to use for your practice or even another old computer on your network setup just for practice. There are even a few places you can download pre-made VMs designed just for this purpose. Check them out below:

Download Pentesting VMs

Create Your Own Pentesting Lab

There are many more across the web I am sure but at least that should get you started. Hope that helps, have fun and keep it legal!

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