New BBS Network

I am setting up a new BBS soon but this requires me setting up a server first. It is my hopes to eventually make this a nice little BBS network. If interested please send me a contact.

You will notice a new menu item to the top right of the page now just for BBS stuff. It doesn't matter if you are an old hand with BBS or new to the entire thing come check it out, you will love it.

I may even connect an IRC network to the BBS network later on...

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LINUX Tutorial 2 – Tweaking Your LINUX Box

This is the second tutorial in my Learning LINUX with Parrot Security series. In this tutorial I go over setting up your new install and just a couple of general tweaks. There will be several tweak videos in the series since there are quite a few little tweaks you can do, and I want to keep the tutorial video sizes down to a minimum if at all possible. I am also still experimenting with various video editing software to figure out which one I prefer working with the best. There are many available open source options to choose from so I am sure I will find one that I like. A couple I found already are very much like Adobe Premier, which I like, so I am leaning towards one of those two so far.

I had to re-install the Parrot Security VM, and I do apologize but the new install is almost exactly the same as the one you watched. The only difference is I made this one a LINUX Other 64bit install in VirtualBox, which really doesn’t matter to you since this is not a series about VirtualBox. The only reason I did this was while installing the VM, my poor little laptop was really struggling to offer enough RAM and resources for VirtualBox, a VM installation, my screen casting/recording software, and itself all at once. I needed to be sure this little VM was stable because we will be progressively working with it throughout the entire series. The great thing about this is I can always backup the VM file to an external HD also just in case of emergency. Nice little side effect there…

This tutorial mainly goes through how to adjust or change the menus, edit and customize panels, add widgets, use drawer widgets, calendar widget, and how to change your wallpaper. Just a quick little tutorial and one of many in the series to come. We will get into deeper and more complicated tweaks as the tutorials go on.

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