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LINUX Tutorial 3 – Special Terminal Applications

In this tutorial I show you two additional Terminal packages you can install to try out yourself. These are multi-terminals that come in very handy for multi-tasking, or simply making life easier so you don’t have to remember so much or jump back and forth through the shell so much. It is my hopes that as I go through various things you are picking up on the little Terminal tips and tricks I am giving you along the way because you will need these skills later on in our tutorials.

Let’s go over a few common Terminal commands:

  • sudo – means super user do, it allows you to have temporary GOD or ADMIN mode basically. It will make you root when needed without having to be root.
  • ls – This is simply the command to list the files and folders of a directory, ls options include -a and -l. The -a means list all in the directory even hidden files. The -l lets you see the directory listing with all it’s owners, permissions, etc. Both options can come in handy and you will use them all the time.
  • clear – This command does just what it looks like, it clears the terminal screen of any previous commands and actions to remove all the clutter.
  • exit – This will exit the terminal or exit root status.

More to come so keep coming by…

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