New BBS Network

I am setting up a new BBS soon but this requires me setting up a server first. It is my hopes to eventually make this a nice little BBS network. If interested please send me a contact.

You will notice a new menu item to the top right of the page now just for BBS stuff. It doesn't matter if you are an old hand with BBS or new to the entire thing come check it out, you will love it.

I may even connect an IRC network to the BBS network later on...

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LINUX Tutorial 1 – How to install Parrot Security OS

In the first of many tutorials to come, I go over how to easily install Parrot Security OS to your computer system. This does not go over dual boot systems or anything like that, this is simply a How-To on installing Parrot Security OS LINUX onto a computer if you have never installed LINUX before. It is rather lengthy, about 30 minutes long, but I try to go through most of the process only speeding through the boring parts. This tutorial will guide you through the entire installation process from start to finish.

Parrot Security is just one of many distros designed for pentesters/hackers/cyber security professionals. Whatever you call yourself, there is a distro out there just for you. I know the most common distro everyone throws around is Kali LINUX, but it is not the only distro designed for this purpose by far. There are so many people should investigate before jumping on the Kali bandwagon. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy working with Kali also, and I even have a Kali Nethunter cell phone setup I carry with my HackPack. I have also tested many of the other pentesting distros and I have found Parrot Security to be very stable, and it has not too many and not too few tools pre-installed just the way I like it.

When I install a pentesting distro I expect it to have all my standard pentesting tools so I don’t spend 3 and a half days installing and tweaking everything. I mean I gotta leave room for tweak time right? What hacker box is complete without some cool tweaks here and there? But I digress, we are here to learn how to install our first distro of Parrot Security or maybe even LINUX at all for that matter it really depends on your skill level. However, if you have used LINUX before, I doubt very seriously that you even need this specific tutorial.

This series was started due to a conversation with my brother from another mother Rick Levesque. Rick and I were talking one day about this site I was setting up and what i wanted to do with it and he suddenly says, “Hey man, you need to show me how to install this so I can start learning this stuff”. It was at that very second I realized exactly what I wanted to do a tutorial series on. I could never find any related tutorials or blogs on Parrot Security when I started using it. The main reason is that it is still very new and the community has not really discovered it completely yet. The other reason is everyone and their uncle thinks Kali is the ONLY pentesting distro in existence. Well, I am here to tell you not only is it not the only pentesting distro, but it is not even the best one out there. Granted, damn near everything you Google in the pentesting/hacking field will bring you to crap loads of Kali blogs, videos, etc. Parrot needs it’s day in the sun too so here I am to hopefully help it along.

So, thanks for the idea Rick and now I present to you and the rest of the public the very start of a long series of tutorial videos on installing, setting up, tweaking, and using Parrot Security OS. Now of course, most of these tutorials are Debian based and generalized so that applying this knowledge to your favorite flavor of LINUX should work just fine also.

Please stop by often to see the additional tutorials that will be coming in this series. Next I will be going into various ways to tweak out your new LINUX installation. Enjoy!


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