What is this all about?

I have several hobbies and interests that at times even kind of consume me. So, after thinking about it for awhile I figured why not put a couple of these interests as available services on the web. Plus, I have a real interest in LINUX and the rest of the NIX family of operating systems and along with it Pentesting. This is when I figured why not add that too.

A Little About my Background…

I have a degree as a Software Systems Engineer, certified UNIX Network Administrator, Object Oriented Programming, and a few other certifications. I also do a little work as a Cyber Security Professional “Go RedTeam!”. I have worked tons of different types of jobs throughout the years. I have done carpet cleaning, retail sales, served in the military, been an IT Director, and even worked as a State Constable at one point in my life. I suppose I really like variety in my life. Hope you enjoy my site, and maybe you will even require some of my services at some point.

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